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We are unwavering in our commitment to crafting top-tier products. We strive to produce items that are not merely good or great but are the best in their respective categories. In line with our environmental responsibility, we endeavor to reduce waste by maintaining the longevity and functionality of our products. We assure our customers that investing in our gear is a pledge of durability and functionality, and we are steadfast in sustaining your product’s life, averting unnecessary waste.


Our Warranty covers:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Failures or breakages that render part or all of your product non-functional

Warranty Period:

  • Five years from the date of purchase for trolleys
  • One year from the date of purchase for other products

Our Warranty does not cover:

  • Cosmetic damages such as blemishes, scratches, or stains
  • Wear & tear from regular use
  • Damages from misuse, neglect, or intentional harm
  • Items not manufactured by us
  • Lost, stolen, or misplaced items or parts


Should any part of your product become non-functional or defective within the warranty period due to manufacturing issues or during normal use, we vow to repair or replace it, ensuring that you receive a fully functioning item in the same or better condition. This guarantee, however, does not extend to cosmetic wear that does not compromise the safety or function of your product. Minor scratches or knicks are simply badges of honor showcasing your adventures with our gear! Rest easy knowing that our warranty replacements undergo meticulous quality checks to certify their functionality and cleanliness.



Our products, meticulously designed and built, are compatible with a vast range of devices and accessories, and we vouch for their safety. However, we hold no liability for any damages to cameras, equipment, clothing, or any property, or for any bodily injury incurred while using our products. So, heed wise counsel, perhaps from your mother, and exercise caution while enjoying your experiences with our gear.


Is your product in need of repair or replacement? Reach out to us directly to commence your warranty claim. We’re here to assist you promptly.


Our warranty does not cover stolen or lost items, hence, we advise insuring your gear. We retain the right to modify this policy as we deem necessary in the future.